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Any business – is a test of faith, intelligence, discipline and ultimate belief in human ability. It takes vision, courage and determination to succeed, and persistence in the face of inevitable obstacles.

Aknan Investment Company is such a business, established by a visionaire willing to look beyond the short term, having the ability to visualize a different tomorrow, and using their own set of unique tools of intellect and experience to make that future a reality. We started operation in the first few months of 2016 and received our DFSA the following year. By staying customer focused, quick to adapt and open to change, Aknan Investment Company has put in place a strong financial foundation that speaks to the strength of the team and the ability to elevate the playing field. There is enough room in a fractured regional asset management industry for a player that sets new standards, learns from the mistakes of the past and brings important principles such as honesty, integrity and empathy for the investor back to the forefront. But in order to do so, one has to put in place a structure that promotes transparency, accountability and proper regulatory oversight. By ensuring that Aknan Investment Company business is conducted through well regulated jurisdictions (Manama Financial Services Authority and we ensure all incoming clients and partners come in with the full knowledge that they are going into a structure that is designed to protect and preserve their interest.

Our business evolves from the foundation we have put in place. Our success so far is a testament to our vision; that vision is to be a member of a new economic and social order, and to make a difference by being different. The products and services that we offer our individual clients to meet their needs with easy repayment options, competitive profit rates and simple documents. Our range of product for individuals and companies includes Corporate/Business Finance, Property Finance, Commercial and SME Financing, Working Capital and Retail Financing. Our experienced & professional team shall give you the suitable guidance and help to navigate your business to a greater height.

The company has been able to occupy good standing in the local capital markets and become a reputed financial & Investment company in Omani and its vision to expand in the GCC markets. The quality of the service we render to our customers give much more valuable opportunities to them enabling them to realize much more gains in financial markets.
However, we know that we have wider responsibilities as one among the leading financial and Investment firm and an important part of our remit is to help broaden the understanding of financial services in the Middle East and also we are working to help improve the financial knowledge of the growing youth population through our thought leadership and advice as well as through our local community commitments.